Devon & Cormwall Cocker Spaniel Club

Cocker Spaniel and Cocker Spaniel Puppy of The Year 2011-2012

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Cocker of The Year and Reserve Cocker of The Year 2011-2012
L-R Cocker Spaniel of The Year: Totenkopf Rocknrobin with Gwbert ShCM
Reserve Cocker of The Year: Brelade Miss Terious ShCM

Cocker Puppy and Reserve Cocker Puppy of The Year 2011-2012
L-R Cocker Puppy of the Year: Caenriver Trughanacny
Reserve Cocker Puppy of The Year: Caenriver Topsy Turvy

Rosettes for the Cocker of The Year competition

Cocker of the Year
1st Totenkopf Rocknrobin with Gwbert ShCM
2nd Brelade Miss Terious ShCM
3rd Rothmia Queen Sophia at Meloneras
4th Clashann Guy Fawkes by Caenriver
5th Cluniters Secret Sun Shine
6th Caenriver Trughanacny
7th Caenriver Limerick Boy
8th Meakwood Finesse
9th Penbuff Star Dancer
9th Cublington Lord Amos
11th Caenriver No Regrets
11th Quintavia Stars in Her Eyes JW
13th Caenriver Lady Luck
14th Sunzo Symphonic
15th Meakwood Sweet Melody
15th Majestyka Double Trouble
17th Lapidary Moonglow
17th Lapidary Revolution JW ShCM
17th Manchela Likely Story for Brooknor
17th Teazellily Wisdom of a Fool
17th Manchela Wild Willow
22nd Charbonnel Thelma 'N' Louise at Meakwood
23rd Withiflor Blues In The Night at Alisma
23rd Danett Rough Diamond
25th Sunzo Soprano
25th Deracor Dark Legend
27th Coakers Prestige
27th Ringslade Aphrodite
29th Valace Apolo at Zabljak
29th Manchela Spinning Jenny
29th Manchela Magic Touch at Ringslade
29th Quintavia Clementine
29th Deracor Deejay
29th Deracor Dire Straits
35th Caenriver Wait 'n' See
35th Danett Extrovert JW
35th Alisma Aleeona
35th Withiflor Northern Light JW
35th Manchela Secret Song
35th Deracor Destiny's Child
35th Pingate Pathos
42nd Lapidary Aint She Sweet at Meakwood
42nd Coakers Unique
Cocker Puppy of the Year
1st Caenriver Trughanacny
2nd Caenriver Topsy Turvy
3rd Meakwood Sweet Melody
3rd Withiflor Blulaw
5th Sanmargra's Fifth Element
6th Caenriver No Regrets
7th Quintavia Blue Ribbon
8th Shadowview Alice Skys
9th Luclil All You Need Is Love at Caenriver
10th Teazellily Wisdom of a Fool
11th Shadowview Custard Cream
12th Deracor Dire Straits
12th Worlewood Show Off
12th Sunzo Symphonic
12th Melcatabel's Jasmine
16th Deracor Destiny's Child
17th Manchela Royal Kiss
17th Pingate Presenter