Devon & Cormwall Cocker Spaniel Club

Cocker Spaniel and Cocker Spaniel Puppy of The Year 2010/11

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Cocker of The Year 2010-2011
Cocker Spaniel of The Year
Fran Bowman's Franaille Oceans ShCM

Reserve Cocker of The Year
Chris Pearn's Totenkopf Rocknrobin with Gwbert ShCM

Cocker Puppy of the Year
Kimberley Dare's Marquell Mystique

Reserve Cocker Puppy of The Year
Sheila Webb's Caenriver No Regrets

Cocker of the Year
1st F Bowman Franaille Oceans ShCM
2nd C Pearn Totenkopf Rocknrobin with Gwbert ShCM
3rd F Bowman Asquanne's Grania with Franaille JW ShCM
4th Green & Brain Rothmia Queen Sophia at Meloneras
5th F Bowman Asquanne's Goldstein at Franaille Sh CM
5th S Webb Clashann Guy Fawkes by Caenriver
7th C Pearn Brelade Miss Terious
8th S Webb Caenriver Limerick Boy
9th K Dare Marquell Mystique at Amberene
10th R & P Meaker Charbonnel Thelma 'N' Louise at Meakwood
11th S Webb Caenriver Lady Luck
12th G Moutrey Sunzo Stomp
13th A Bryant Cublington Lord Amos
13th S Webb Caenriver Wait N See
15th J & S Burgess Coakers Prestige
15th R & P Meaker Meakwood Finesse
17th C & J Trethewy Penbuff Star Dancer
18th A Bryant Majestyka Double Trouble
19th J & A Braughen Penbuff Cornish Gold at Barrelrock
20th J & S Burgess Coakers Unique
20th G Moutrey Sunzo Soprano
22nd L Ratcliff Cluniters Secret Sunshine
23rd R & P Meaker Meakwood Charisma
23rd J Norris Manchela Likely Story for Brooknor
25th R Collier Pepperbox Summer Storm
25th R & P Meaker Lapidary Aint She Sweet at Meakwood
25th H Gibson Pingate Pathos
25th S Ellison Canigou Storytime at Withiflor
29th J & A Braughen Claramand Chantana at Barrelrock
30th S Ellison Withiflor Shining ShCM
30th J Walford Valace Apolo at Zabljak
30th J & S Burgess Coakers Orange Blossom
30th H Hall Guysmoor Bright Dawn at Dartday
34th J King Jinesska Toffee Apple
34th H Gibson Pingate Power Dancer
34th H Dewhurst Lapidary Revolution JW ShCM
34th A Jefcoate Manchela Black Fox with Aumyra
38th J Norris Setthornes Flash Gordon
38th J King Jinesska Sand Man
38th C & J Trethewey Zakova Spirit Dancer at Penbuff
Puppy of the Year
1st K Dare Marquell Mystique at Amberene
2nd S Webb Caenriver No Regrets
3rd S Webb Caenriver Trughanacmy
4th F Bowman

Franaille Oceans

5th S Ellison Canigou Storytime at Withiflor
6th S Ellison Withiflor Northern Light
7th S Gregory Glasfryn Angelique
8th W Cullen Danett Chinook
9th S Webb Caenriver Whispering Wind
9th R & P Meaker Meakwood Sweet Melody
11th S Ellison Withiflor Blunique
11th S Webb Caenriver Dawn Light
13th A Bartlett Quettadene Bobby Sox